Case Studies

Featured Project: Leisure & Activities

E-Commerce Website & Online Booking System

This particular client had a brochure website already but no ability to sell online. They took all bookings over the phone which was time consuming, messy, and hard to manage. We worked with them to create a bespoke online booking system and it has taken the business to a new level.

Taking their products and bookings online resulted in their business achieving over £105,000 in online sales alone for 2021. A landmark achievement for the SME, which saw its online revenue increase in all of its first three years with us.

Substantial increases in online revenue, year upon year:

  • Year 1 // 2019 +100%
  • Year 2 // 2020 +455%
  • Year 3 // 2021 +90%

Featured Project: Food & Beverage

E-Commerce, Branding & Online Marketing

This company’s first steps into e-commerce with us allowed them to streamline their order processing systems whilst having a greater control over their business as a whole. Our e-commerce solution delivered over £52,000 in online sales for year 1 (2021); an instant return on investment and a solid foundation on which they can build.

Our delivery of a strategic online marketing plan has allowed the company to build a stronger, more consistent brand and voice. It has opened additional communication channels, allowing for more opportunities to inform and sell.

As we move into year 2 (2022), this client is on track for a 50% increase in sales and is benefitting from a retargeting project which has shifted emphasis from B2B sales towards B2C.